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Field layout

Optimizing plant growth and achieving an optimal cost price per plant requires careful coordination of various factors.

In addition to supplying the right nursery machines, you can depend on Globus for years of expertise in field layout that we have built up in close collaboration with our growers. We understand the specific challenges of the tree nursery like no other.

Synergy between plant and machine

Optimizing plant cultivation is a continuous process, and by working closely with our customers and flexibly responding to changing needs, we strive to create the ideal situation for every grower.

We regularly visit customers on location to advise on the current situation, where we strive to create a synergy between plant and machine that matches the grower’s objectives.

Together we work to develop sustainable and efficient cultivation systems for healthy soil and resilient cultivation.

Ground up

Understanding and meeting the needs of both the soil and the plant is critical to efficient and sustainable nursery practice. Globus machines are designed to integrate seamlessly and actively contribute to optimizing growing conditions.

The principle is that machines do not just serve as tools, but rather as support systems that promote the natural symbiosis between soil and plant.


GPS Technology

In the (tree-) nursery sector, GPS technology has now become an indispensable instrument for achieving uniform cultivation, cost savings and optimizing operational efficiency.

As a Trimble co-development partner, we deliver the most accurate GPS steering system on the market for unparalleled accuracy, uniform cultivation and increased efficiency.

More about GPS

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