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About Globus

nursery machines

For over 25 years Globus has been a leading international player in the development and production of groundbreaking nursery machines.

We offer the most extensive range of advanced machines for the tree and plant nursery sector, (greenhouse) horticulture, fruit growing, open field vegetable growing and landscaping projects.

We have the right machine available for virtually all cultivation operations. Together with you, we think about optimizing your operations and design solutions that seamlessly meet your unique needs. We take up your challenge!

Built to last

At Globus we produce machines that are built to last. We manufacture an extensive range of advanced and flexible machines for various applications in the nursery sector.

We work on sustainable relationships with our customers and actively think along with you in your cultivation process and optimizing your capacity. Mutual trust between the customer and us is central and the close cooperation leads to the creation of innovative technical solutions.


customer focus

Thanks to years of practical experience in building machines according to customer demand, we now offer a wide range of innovative products. We have a range of “specials” and what makes them unique is that not one of every machine built is the same! This not only confirms our commitment to customization, but also the confidence that growers worldwide have in our solutions.

Choose for a tailor-made nursery machine – where precision, innovation and customer focus come together to take your nursery to new heights.

  • Complete product portfolio from planting to harvesting
  • Unparalleled build quality and long lifespan
  • Unique performance and effectiveness
  • Market leader in innovative solutions
  • Extensive customized solutions
  • Excellent service and support

We take up your challenge.

Our vision

The vision of Globus is to be a global forerunner in the nursery sector with ground-breaking nursery machines that not only increase the efficiency and productivity of nurseries, but also contribute to a sustainable, ecologically responsible and economically viable nursery of the future.

Our mission is to deliver cost-effective and reliable nursery machines of unparalleled quality, with unique performance and a long lifespan. Innovative tailor-made solutions and continuous improvement are key to our strategy. We remain committed to the success and growth of our customers while taking our environmental responsibility seriously.

Commitment and co-creation

The brothers Jan and Nico Ezendam started Gebr. Ezendam B.V., an agricultural mechanization company based in Borne, the Netherlands. In 1999, nursery technology was started under the name Globus. The first machine was a B01 bulb cutter for the Boomkamp company in Borne, the Netherlands.

Globus and Boomkamp have gained a lot of knowledge together and developed a good relationship that continues to this day. This characterizes our commitment to customer orientation and the innovative character of Globus.

Meanwhile Globus has grown into a leading global player. Our machines travel all over the world, from Japan and Canada to Switzerland. Whether it concerns transport, commissioning or on-site service, Globus takes care of all your needs in a professional manner, wherever you are in the world.

What our customers say

Gerard Roelofsen

Roelofsen Landscaping en Nurseries, Oterville, Canada
“I chose Globus because it is a leading brand in the world of nursery machines. In addition to consistency and accuracy, our Globus machines provide us with a lot of labor relief, labor savings, time savings, flexibility and cost savings.

The machines have never let me down and I am satisfied with the service that Globus offers. Regardless the big time difference, they are always there for me. I can highly recommend Globus to everyone.”

Matt Gold

Everde Growers, Forest Grove, Oregon, USA
"What stands out is the pruning quality and build quality. Another great feature of our Globus machines is the ease of use. Our machines are highly customized and built specifically for our operation. Globus did a good job making the right adjustments and the machines integrate seamlessly with our buffer belts. They provided us with professional, honest and accurate advice how to maximize our output and quality.

We value the good working relationship and high quality products. Globus is a great company to work with, they offer phenomenal service. If you value a good working relationship and good quality products, Globus is definitely a brand to consider."

Collin Timmerman

Boomkamp Kwekerijen B.V., Borne, Netherlands
"Reliability, quality and service, that is the strength of Globus for us. Continuity is of great importance to us because you want to be sure that you can continue.

We are particularly satisfied with the reliability of our Globus machines. You can see that no savings have been made on the quality of parts and the machines are well engineered. In the event that something is broken, it is resolved adequately and the machine is often back in operation quickly."
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